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Six Sigma

Process Capability Index (Cpk)

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Process Capability Index (Cpk)
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Today I share with you the Process Capability Index (Cpk) definition, which is a key concept of Six Sigma. To learn more about what is Process Capability Index (Cpk), continue on!

What is Process Capability Index (Cpk)?

Cpk is a capacity record that tells how well a framework can meet specification limits. Cpk figurings use estimated sigma and, in this way, demonstrates the framework’s “potential” to meet particulars. Since it considers the area of the procedure normal, the process does not should be focused on the objective incentive for this record to be useful.

If Cpk is 1.0, the framework is creating 99.73% of its yield inside determinations. The bigger the Cpk, the less variety you will discover between the procedure yield and specifications.

If Cpk is in the vicinity of 0 and 1.0, not all procedure yield meets specifications.

If the framework is fixated on its objective value, Cpk ought to be utilized as a part of conjunction with the Cp index. Cpk and Cp will be equivalent when the procedure is fixated on its objective esteem. On the off chance that they are not equivalent, the littler the contrast between these files, the more focused the procedure is.

Cpk explained by Professor Cleary

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